Barley Chironda

Barley Chironda

Toronto East General hospital, Canada

Title: Implementation science a missing ingredient in healthcare surface disinfection


Barley Chironda is working as a Nurse and is the Social Media Manager of IPAC Canada. He is also the past President of IPAC-GTA. He is also the National Healthcare Sales Director and Infection Control Specialist with Clorox Canada. He is certified in Infection Prevention and Control (CIC™) and has worked extensively in Infection Control. He has been an integral force behind the successful decline in Clostridium difficile infections by implementing innovative technology and quality improvement behavioural change. He has also volunteered as the Infection Control Specialist with the Cdiff Foundation.


Despite numerous interventions in surface disinfection, healthcare facilities continue to have surfaces that are not adequately cleaned/disinfected. The author, in this presentation will go through the latest literature, adressing some of the reasons as to why this is the case. The talk will also provide insights into how, after considering all the key criteria of selcting surface disinfenctants the
missing link seems to be the implementation science. Key comparisons will be drawn from other areas of infection control such as hand hygiene, surgical checklists, etc. where the failure of having proper implementation has led to poor clinical outcomes. The talk will focus on implementation science and product rollout in key areas such as electronic health records and learning management system. Therefore it will be showcasing the efficacy of implementation science in the realm of surface disinfenctants. This presentation
will put some light on the microbiological adavancements in surface disinfection and how these still yield to proper implementation.