Basbish Tsogbadrakh

Chiang Mai University, Thailand

Title: A Concept analysis of quality in nursing care context


Basbish Tsogbadrakh has completed her Master’s in Nursing Science from Chiang Mai University, Thailand. Currently, she is the 1st year PhD Student in international program at Chiang Mai University in Thailand. She is the Lecturer of School of Nursing, Mongolian National University of Medical Science. She has published more than 3 papers in reputed journals and has been serving as an Editorial Board Member of repute.


Introduction: The concept of quality is a highly complex, abstract and dynamic that it evolves as healthcare due to customer’s expectations (Barbosa, 2015 & Mhlanga, 2016). The purpose of this study is to describe the meaning of the “quality” in nursing care context and to clarify the main attributes, antecedents and consequences of quality associated with nursing care.

Method: Walker and Avant’s concept analysis method used and the CINAHL, Medline and Google scholar databases were searched for English articles using the keywords quality, quality care or quality nursing care. Articles were selected according to whether the concept of quality was defined or described and whether dimensions of quality care were discussed.

Results: The result of this analysis found five attributes which are appropriate care, attentiveness of nurses, meets the patient’s needs, meets the standards and safety. Antecedences included patient’s expectations and previous nursing care experience. Consequences were positive patient outcome and patient satisfaction with care. The meaning of the quality nursing care defined as providing appropriate and attentiveness care for the patient safety based on their needs or expectations by competent healthcare providers using latest guideline, standard and advanced technology, and resulted having positive patient outcome and satisfaction.

Conclusion: An operational definition of quality in nursing care context with antecedents, defining attributes, and consequences emerged through the process of concept analysis. Result of this study can help better understand, the notion of quality concept in nursing care context and can be used in healthcare. In addition, this analysis can be treated as the foundation for further rigorous instrument or research design.