Bengul Gunalp graduated from Hacettepe University Medical Faculty and completed nuclear medicine residency and received Associate Professor degree in Gulhane Military Academy and Faculty. She is still working in Gulhane Military Faculty Hospital, Department of Nuclear Medicine. She has published more than 35 papers in reputed journals.


Accurate staging of breast carcinoma is important for determining prognosis and planning treatment of patient. Although the clinical role of PET/CT for initial staging of breast carcinoma still controversial and the guidelines recommendations haven’t been changed yet, there is robust evidence on superiority of PET/CT to conventional imaging modalities for the detection of local and distant metastases. We discuss the importance of FDG PET/CT findings, especially axillary/extra-axillary nodal and distant metastases, in different categories of breast cancer and also performance of FDG PET/CT on restaging of patients with suspected disease recurrence.