Bertha Abdu Danja

Bertha Abdu Danja

Federal University, Nigeria

Title: Analysis of drinking water quality in Kashere, Gombe state Nigeria


Bertha Abdu Danja has completed her PhD from Brandenburg Technical University, Cottbus Germany, in 2010. Her PhD research was in the field of Environmental Chemistry. She worked as a Professor in the same University in Germany from 2006 until 2010, lecturing students and organizing their laboratory work. She has 15 publications in reputable journals. Currently, she is a Lecturer with the Federal University of Kashere, where she is the Head of Department of Chemical Sciences. She is also a Director in the same University responsible for Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme. She has attended conferences in USA, Europe, and here in Nigeria.



Quality of water is an important criterion for evaluating the suitability of water for drinking that is why this research is fused on the quality of different sources of drinking water in Kashere. Most people in this area do not have portable water as the source of their drinking water, so they utilize every type of water available. The ground water samples were collected and subjected to a comprehensive physico – chemical analysis. The following parameters were tested, i.e. pH, electrical conductivity, alkalinity, total hardness, total dissolved solids, phosphate, sulphate, chloride, nitrate, manganese, iron, nickel, arsenic, copper and fluoride. On comparing the results against drinking water quality standards laid by World Health Organization and Nigerian Standard Organization, it was found that the water quality parameters were within the permissible limit, but some were not. This project has concluded that, based on available laboratory equipment’s most parameters were within given limit but more detailed research is needed to test more parameters than this work did, to ascertain the quality of drinking water.