Bharti Singh

Bharti Singh

VitaeGen Biotech-Educational and Research Institute, India

Title: Biomedical application of natural molecule chitosan and its chitooligosaccharides


Bharti Singh is a sincere scholar of biological Sciences. Currently working VitaeGen Biotech- Educational and research Institute (Run by Ritesh Education & Development Society), Varanasi as a research associate on various aspect of diseases. Her Ph.D work on population dynamics of methanotrophic bacteria. Having Ph.D and M.Sc. in Botany. She also worked as scientist in Department of Microbiology, Institute of Medical Sciences, Banaras Hindu University. She attended more than 10 National and International conferences. Published more than 20 research papers Received 2 best paper presentation awards in various National and International conferences. Qualified national level ARS-NET-2010 Basic Plant Sciences. Act as resource person in 2 workshops conducting by Sam Higginbottom Institute of Agriculture, Technology & Sciences.



The Chitosan, which is biodegradable, non-toxic and biocompatible non-allergenic has been shown to be particularly useful in many fields including food, cosmetics, biomedicine, agriculture and possess versatile functional properties such as antitumor enhancing properties, immunostimulating effects, antimicrobial activity, free radical scavenging activity arthritis controlling activity. Chitosan shows its biological activity only in acidic medium because of its poor solubility at pH above 6.5 and low absorbability of non-digestible and high molecular polysaccharides. In this respect, chitosan oligosaccharides, because of their shorter chain length, display a reduced viscosity and are soluble in aqueous media at pH values close to neutrality, which increases their bioavailability and opens a wide range of new potential applications. Keeping in mind the above biomedical aspects of chitosan the present study has been conducted to investigate the therapeutic effect of chitooligosaccharides in diabetes mellitus, the study showed that blood glucose, urea and creatinine were decreased in diabetic mice administered with chitooligosaccharides. Chitooligosaccharides  lowered the serum SGOT and SGPT levels which reveals the protective effect and normal functioning of liver in reversing the organ damage due to diabetes which clearly observed by high levels of serum transaminases in diabetic control. Chitooligosaccharides also resulted a significant recovery in the levels of biosensors of lipid profile. chitooligosaccharides therapy increased the activity of catalase and superoxide dismutase in hepatic tissues of treated diabetic mice. The work exposes that chitooligosaccharides has significant effect for curing diabetic mellitus and related complications.


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