Bhavana Bhat has completed her MPharm and MBA from Manipal University and Sikkim Manipal University respectively. She is presently working as research scholar under structured PhD programme offered by Manipal University on adverse drug reactions of herbal medicines. She has published several articles in reputed journals and also presented research abstracts in conferences. Also delivered a few talk in conferences and seminars.


Introduction: Ayurveda due to its special treatment methods can be an effective solution to treat diabetes patients. INSOL-N, a proprietary antidiabetic formulation containing several herbal medicines developed by Muniyal Ayurveda hospital, Manipal was found to be effective in treating diabetes. Objective: To find the clinical efficacy and improvement in quality of life among type II diabetes patients who are put on INSOL-N. Methodology: 51 diabetes patients from Udupi and Manipal, Karnataka, India who were put-on INSOL-N were included in the study. Clinical efficacy of INSOL-N was noted on Day 1, Day 15, Day 30 and Day 90 by estimating the FBS and Hb1ac level. Patients’ satisfaction to medication and Improvement in quality of life was estimated using Diabetes Mellitus Satisfactory Tool questionnaire and SF12V2 (Permission was obtained from Quality Metrics). Results: Reduction in fasting glucose level and HbA1c was up to 40% and 30% respectively for a period of 3 months. 70% of the patients were suffering from two or more risk factors. Patients’ satisfaction was calculated and was found to have improved by 44.43% from day 1 to day 90. Physical component score showed an improvement of 30.01% and mental component score showed an improvement of 52.52%. Conclusion: INSOL-N was found to reduce the blood sugar levels and HbA1c levels. There was improvement in quality of life and patients’ satisfaction during 3 months of treatment. Also mental well-being summary was better when compared to physical well-being summary. This might be due to general perception of patients’ that ayurvedic medicines were very effective with lesser side effects.

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