Brijesh Yadav

Brijesh Yadav

University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, USA

Title: Eliminating the survival of malarial parasites from female midgut by inoculating the midgut flora that found in male anopheles


Brijesh Yadav is a young and energetic researcher in the field of biomedical sciences and major field of study in microbiology. His research proposals and findings are completely based on community services. He has created this hypothetical proposal based on after years of research experiences, evaluation, teaching and administration in UNO lab and educations institutes.


It’s already been approved by several researches that the Plasmodium vivax – the causative agent of malaria, spreads only through female anopheles mosquitoes but not through male mosquitoes. The purpose of this study: The purpose of my study is to discover the model mechanism that could allow killing the malarial parasites i.e. Plasmodium vivax inside the midgut of female anopheles, like male. In this way we could allow mosquitoes to bite us but could not make the intermediatehost of malaria in human health. Methodology: Collection, isolation, identification, characterization, extraction, inoculation, incubation, streaking in Luria Bertain Agar (LA), culture could be performed to accomplish this work. Time and days should be studies in details for the survival of midgut flora. Conclusion: If the midgut flora is surviving in female mosquitoes that means we can make further strategies to reach the procedure for providing these types of mosquitoes in environment. But the big question is – what if flora does not survive in the female mosquito’s midgut? If the flora does not survive in the female midgut, we can go through the physiological mechanism of mosquitoes that influencing the flora for survival and then could
provide the same mechanism.