Cade Emory Terada

Cade Emory Terada

US Fish and Wildlife Service, Canada

Title: Youth and the importance of the Arctic



The Arctic region is faced with many challenges today as well as changes that will continue to worsen in the future. As a result of a changing climate, we’re seeing melting permafrost and sea ice, ocean acidification, coastal erosion, glacial melt, and much more. Some of the results of these changes include sea level rise, community displacement, large die offs of species, damage to foundations and infrastructure, and placing job security and economies at risk. However, the changes occurring do not only affect the Arctic. Many of the changes taking place in the Polar Regions are indicators of what may happen in the future for other areas. The decisions made here, in the Arctic, may set a precedent for the changes that countries in the southern hemisphere may experience in the future. With that being said, I would like to raise awareness of Arctic issues and discuss how they may be pertinent to the audience and also discuss my personal experience of growing up in Alaska, becoming a United States Arctic Youth Ambassador and my role, and how to get more youth engagement from the perspective of a youth. I hope the audience attains or gains a better understanding of what the Arctic is, why they should care, and how to get youth more involved in the issues and why they’re important to have actively engaged.