Caigang Liu

Caigang Liu

The Second Hospital of Dalian Medical University, China

Title: FSIP1: A new potential early screening marker for breast cancer


Caigang Liu has completed his Doctor’s degree at the age of 33 years from China Medical University. He is the Director of the Breast Disease and Reconstruction Center and Breast Cancer Key Lab of Dalian of the Second Hospital of Dalian Medical University. He has published more than 100 papers, 39 of those were included in SCI.


This study is aimed at investigating the expression status of FISP1 in breast cancer. Wound fluid and serum samples from 122 female primary breast cancer patients and 112 recrudescent and metastatic breast cancer patients and 38 female benign cases were enrolled for the protein concentration analysis. 496 paraffin-embedded tissues with 5-year follow-up were enrolled for prognosis analysis. It was observed that FSIP1 protein was expressed significantly higher in breast cancer tissues compared to benign tissues. The cases with high FSIP1 expression intended to develop into better postoperative disease-specific survival (P<0.001). FSIP1 expression levels were significantly higher in primary breast cancer patients compared to benign group (4713±3065 pg/ml vs. 1798±1943 pg/ml, p<0.0001), in recrudescent and metastatic breast cancer compared to primary breast cancer group (7713±3065 vs. 4713±3065 pg/ml, p=0.003), in DCIS compared to IDCgroup (6172±2432 pg/ml vs. 4381±3019 pg/ml, p=0.0493), in lymphonodus negative group compared to positive group (5132±3216 pg/ml vs. 3943±2630 pg/ml, p=0.0401), in ER, PR positive breast cancer compared to negative group (5286±3152pg/ml vs. 3445±2458pg/ml, p=0.0018), and in luminal B breast cancer patients compared to triple-negative group (5383±3170pg/ml vs. 3697±2683pg/ml, p=0.0268). Similarly, FSIP1 in wound fluid of lymphonodus negative patients was significantly higher than those of positive group (4937±2914 pg/ml vs. 3273±2647 pg/ml, p=0.0384).

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