Ceyla Özgür was born in Antakya/TURKEY in 1983. She is a PhD student and has been working as a specialist at the Automotive Engineering Department of Çukurova University since 2015.


The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of SCR System on NOx reduction in heavy duty diesel engine fuelled with diesel and alcohol blends. The experimental tests were conducted in a 6-cylinder, turbocharged heavy duty diesel engine at full load. In the tests diesel, ethanol, methanol and butanol were used as fuel. The alcohol fuel blends were prepared by mixing low sulphur diesel at volumetric rates of between 5 to 15%. The test results showed that SCR system reduce the NOx emissions 42.6% for diesel fuel. The maximum reduction of NOx (43.43%) was achieved with 15% methanol–85% diesel fuel (D85M15) blend.

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