Chieh-Ju Huang

Chieh-Ju Huang

Chienkuo Technology University, Taiwan

Title: The sound of geothermal: animation and board game design


Chieh-Ju Huang is Lecturer in Design, Department of Commercial Design at Chienkuo Technology University, Taiwan. She worked professionally with Service Design, Design Thinking, User Experience, and Educational Board Game Design. Now she is PhD Candidate in Doctoral Program in Design, College of Design, National Taipei University of Technology.


Using Chinese traditional story character “the god of fire” to design an animation describes the knowledge and mechanism of Geothermal power generation. The animation also show how people people can collaborate togeather to use renewable energy to solve the problem of community electricity shortage and the crisis of energy overuse. Beside the theory of Geothermal, the story teller will explain the development, operation and function from the energy of Geothermal. 

In addition, a board game is designed from “Design Thinking” and “POEMS” design tools.  When designing this board game, design thinking workshop was propused for investigating how and why the board game would be played. POEMS design tools support to the game rules from: People (users in this game), Objects (the objects in this game), Environment (the content and environment in this game), Messages (the knowledge from this game), and Service (the service and activities in this game).  It is for multiple players, and the cards contains path cards and tool cards for interacting with others. The board game based on the rules derived from the application of green energy. The players will learn how the Hydraulic, Wind power, Fire power, Nuclear power, and Geothermal energy work by playing this board game.

In a comprehensive way, this animation and board game for educational and energy usages are teaching the users about the knowledge of  power generation and environment protection.

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