Christian Milaster

Christian Milaster

Ingenium Consulting Group, Inc., USA

Title: Exceeding the expectations of the modern healthcare consumer through digital health


Christian Milaster is a German engineer and Founder of the Ingenium Consulting Group, Inc. He is passionate about enabling the delivery of extraordinary care with a focus on creating effective and efficient Digital Health Transitions. Following his passion, Mr. Milaster partners with forward-thinking healthcare leaders to prepare their organizations for the future of healthcare delivery. Mr. Milaster’s expertise stems from a 30-year career, including 17 years in healthcare, at employers including IBM Global Services and the Mayo Clinic, and numerous digital health consulting engagements ranging from strategy development and business planning to the design and implementation of new healthcare services. He has designed and build sustainable healthcare delivery services that delight patients and improve outcomes, while exciting care providers. His communication methods and implementation skills have emboldened healthcare leaders to effectively execute visionary healthcare delivery strategies.


The technical developments over the past decades–especially those in the past 10 years–along with a demographic shift have given rise to a new type of patient: The Modern Healthcare Consumer. When today’s future patients can order books and other goods overnight, when they can watch virtually any movie from anywhere and when access to their personal, sensitive information (including their finances) is at their fingertips – then these consumers have expectations of their healthcare experience that most of today’s healthcare systems delivery organizations are not ready to satisfy, let alone exceed.

Combine this shift to consumerism with an exponential growth of treatment options, exploding healthcare cost, and a shift from sickness care to wellness care and it’s obvious to anyone, that new approaches to healthcare are needed.

Just like technological advances in energy production and the extraction of natural resources have averted the long-predicted energy crisis, technological advances can also come to the rescue in healthcare. But with so many technical solutions available, which aspects of digital health can help keep this perfect storm at bay?

This presentation examines the drivers behind the expectations of the New Healthcare Consumer and discusses which of the many digital health technologies can exceed the Modern Healthcare Consumer’s expectations, while improving health outcomes at a lower cost.

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