Chung Zei Yang

Chung Zei Yang

Kaohsiung Armed Forces General Hospital, Taiwan

Title: Periosteal tension releasing technique for flap advancement


Chung Zei Yang is Attending Physician of Department of General Dentistry of Kaohsiung Armed Force General Hospital. He completed DDS from National Defense Medical Center and MS from Kaohsiung Medical University, School of Dentistry. He is Specialist of Academy of Perio-Prosthodontics, Taiwan. He has membership of Academy of Periodontology, Taiwan.


Flap advancement is a critical part of surgical procedures, such as guided bone regeneration, guided tissue regeneration and root coverage. By coronally positioning the flap, healing by primary intention can be achieved. Primary closure will protect the wound, prevent bacterial contamination and ensure a predictable outcome. Failure to attain tension-free closure will result in wound dehiscence, early membrane exposure and post-operative complications. This oral presentation focuses on periosteal tension releasing techniques addressed in recent articles about periosteal incising methods, including anatomical landmarks, surgical site assessments and summarizing the pros and cons of these techniques based on histology. Finally, several cases about flap advancement will be presented.