Cicek Senture

Cicek Senture

Gulhane Military Medical Academy, Turkey

Title: Analyzing The Efficiencies Of Discharge Education For The Patients Who Had A Cardiac Surgery


Cicek Senture has completed her Msc from Gülhane Military Medical Academy. She is a PhD student in the same academy since 2013.


The study was aimed to analyse the efficiencies of discharge educations for the patients who had a cardiac surgery. Research was performed between the dates of November 2011 and June 2012 in Post Operation Clinics at Cardiovascular Surgery Department. Samples of the study consisted of 180 patients who had a planned cardiac surgery during this period. The first 90 patients were accepted as control group, and the last 90 patients were accepted as experimental group. The researcher used the documents “Patient Introduction Form”, a form for detection of the knowledge status before taking the discharge education of the patients and a form for detection of the knowledge status after taking the education. The control group had taken the discharge education by clinic nurses and the resarcher gave this education with the education booklet which has been made for the conclusions of searching the literature- to the patients who are in the experimental group. The conclusions of the research shows that nurses had been given a successful oral education to the patients who had a cardiac surgery, but if a written education material will be added to this education and with standardization of the discharching education will make it more effective.

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