Dr. Crystal Porter is a hair scientist who has over 13 years of experience studying hair across the globe. She spent the majority of her career at L'Oreal, USA where she managed the Physics Laboratory and Consumer Insights teams to study the biophysical characteristics of hair within different ethnic groups and to understand behaviors that are related to consumers experiences. She has shared scientific knowledge to fellow scientists and the public at national and international venues. She has also contributed to L'Oreal's global classification of curl in hair and has authored numerous papers, presentations and book chapters.


Hair professionals in the hair care industry need science-based facts about hair products, treatments, processes and ingredients in order to make the best decisions about caring for their client hair and providing advice on self-care. However, there are rampant misleading messages in social media blogs, magazines, and even ingredient claims that are assumed to be factual. For example, keratin treatments are still a health threat and products that claim to have keratin in the formulation do not reinforce hair strength as believed. Hair that has higher moisture content do not necessary resolve issues with dryness. In addition, no-lye relaxers are often times more damaging to the hair than lye-based products. Misunderstanding causes the proliferation of misinformation so cosmetologists and trichologists are not able to provide the best care to their clients. This talk will set hair professionals apart from those who buy into the propaganda. They will learn how to decipher jargon related to hair wellness within the industry and know what questions to ask representatives who market their new products based on new technologies and unfamiliar ingredients. The presentation is designed to deliver a platform of empowerment so that superior service can be given and knowledge can be conveyed to their clients based on truthful information which can be proven and explained.

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