Cynthia Stuhlmiller

Cynthia Stuhlmiller

University of New England, Australia

Title: Increasing access to addiction therapy: The New England 4G framework of guided self-health


Cynthia Stuhlmiller is Professor of Rural Nursing at the University of New England School of Health in Armidale Australia. She has been a joint appointment professor for over 17 years at 8 Universities in 5 countries. Her clinical work is in mental health and CBT self-help applications.


Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is the most effective non-pharmacological evidence-based treatment for a wide range of mental disorders including impulse control and addictions. While CBT was originally developed as a self-management tool to help reduce the negative impact that particular thinking and behaving patterns have on health, it evolved into a specific practice of professionals. Consequently, access to CBT has been impeded due to lack of qualified therapists, cost of treatment and time required- issues compounded for rural populations. However, with the rapid expansion of freely available online, virtual and print-based CBT, the value of self-directed minimal-assisted first-line treatments has been established. The New England 4G Framework of Guided Self-health has been developed by the authors based on their work in United Kingdom's National health initiative "Improving Access to Psychological Therapies." Founded on a collaborative approach to helping, the 4G approaches provides addiction workers with a clear step by step framework to guide individuals to select and use self-administered evidenced-based cognitive and behaviourally-based (CB) interventions specific to the person's addiction. Similar to that of all low intensity interventions, the 4G Framework includes information gathering, giving and guiding with follow-up. We have named a 4th G to underscore the importance of generating a CB plan with a problem statement and relevant goals. The simplicity of the framework, which can be taught in an intensive workshop, enables addiction workers to use and guide self-health. In this session, the New England 4G Framework of Guided Self-health will be described.

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