Dalal Mohammed Al-Kahtani

Dalal Mohammed Al-Kahtani

Prince Sultan Medical and Military City, Saudi Arabia

Title: What’s the story with gagger? No problem any more


Dalal Mohammed Al-Kahtani has completed her Graduation at King Saud University. She is an Endodontic Consultant at Prince Sultan Military Medical City in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia since 2011 where, she has successfully completed her Saudi Board of Endodontics with degree of honor. She is also certified with Advanced Education in General Dentistry (AEGD) at the University of South California in association with PSMMC at 2001. She maintains a full-time endodontic practice in PSMMC and has been involved in teaching and supervision sessions for endodontic and restorative residents, especially interested in trauma and difficult cases from endodontic aspect. She is an active Member of Saudi Endodontic Society and she is holding the position of Deputy of the Head Section of Endodontic Department at PSMMC.


The gag reflex is a complex physiologic phenomenon that compromises quality of dental treatment and is a barrier to optimal patient care. This phenomenon is protective in nature and presents a bewildering and frustrating problem in various dental procedures, resulting in compromised treatment. Behavioral approaches, complementary medicine therapies and pharmacological techniques are methods used for the treatment of patients with problematic gagging. The aim of this review is to describe problematic gagging and to give information about the management of such cases and includes various strategies to assist clinicians.