Daniel Goldberg

Daniel Goldberg

Gold Medical Marketing, USA

Title: Generating patients through direct to patient marketing


Daniel Goldberg is the CEO and Creative Director of Gold Medical Marketing - a marketing and public relations company focused solely on surgeons and specialty physicians. He specializes in direct to patient marketing efforts as well as public relations and media exposure for physicians, practices and surgery centres. He is an avid proponent of segmental marketing as opposed to broad and unfocused marketing efforts. He focuses on 4 core elements of marketing - branding, identity, positioning, and research.


The paradigm for patient generation has shifted drastically in the last decade. Patients are becoming more and more educated on physicians and procedures and deciding their own course of treatment. New and innovative approaches are available to surgeons allowing them to generate more volume and not be solely reliant on physician referrals. This presentation will dispel the myths and false promises of direct to patient marketing and show you how to properly market your practice and increase your patient volume.

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