Daniel Valverde

Daniel Valverde

University of Guayaquil, Ecuador

Title: Transfer Factor Strengthened and its contribution to the Visual Health and integral.


Daniel Valverde Solis, O.D. Optometrista Facultad de Ciencias Medicas Universidad de Guayaquil , Fellow en ion SuperiorPublica Interamerican University of Puerto Rico, Educacion continua en Optometria Clinica y Pediatrica, The New England College of Optometry Boston .USA, Diplomado en Educacion Superior, Especialista en Educacion Superior, Maestria en Gerencia en Educacion Superior Unidad de Post Grado de Investigacion y desarrollo Universidad de Guayaquil, Candidato a PHD, en Educacion Superior Atlantic International University Honolulu - USA, CEO FALECO Facultad Latinoamericana de Educacion Para el Cuidado Ocular, CEO Premium Team ., Miembro de la American Optometry Asociation. Pass Presidente ALDOO.


99% of diseases are directly related to the imbalance of the immune system, this surely also affects the visual and ocular system of our patients, if we have a stronger immune system then we have better prospects of overcoming the disease more quickly and more effectively, it's what we do in our daily clinical practice with very satisfactory results.

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