David Stejskal

David Stejskal

Agel Research and Training Institute, Czech Republic

Title: New marker of metabolic syndrome


David Stejskal has completed his Ph.D at the age of 33 years from Palacký University and postdoctoral studies from Charles University, School of Medicine, Czech republic. He is the Head of Department of Laboratory Medicine Central Moravian Hospital Trust, Czech Republic. This is the branch of Agel Training and Research Institute, Czech Republic.He has published more than 160 papers in reputed journals and serving as an editorial board member of repute journals.


Recently an intensive search for new indicators of metabolic syndrome and its complications. Potential, yet unmeasured indicators are CD5like and CD36 in serum. Objective: To build ELISA test and determination CD5like and CD36 in patients with metabolic syndrome. Methods: 123 subjects were examined; 65 of them suffered from metabolic syndrome (minimum of three indicators characterize metabolic syndrome). 30 healthy controls. All measured normal risk factors. CD5like and CD36 was measured in R&D laboratories Biovendor Czech Republic. Results: CD5-like linked with the number of components of metabolic syndrome (P <0.01). This parameter independently discriminated against persons with metabolic syndrome from lean individuals. CD36 with BMI values nor the number of components of the metabolic syndrome unchanged. Conclusion: The first time was measured CD-5 like in serum. It seems that this is a new parameter independent of the metabolic syndrome.

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