David Xu

David Xu

Regent University, USA

Title: Maya Special Effects for Films and Commercials


Professor David Xu is tenure associate professor at Regent University, specializing in computer 3D animation and movie special effects. He got MFA Computer Graphics in 3D Animation from Pratt Institute in NY. He has served as a senior 3D animator in Sega, Japan; a senior CG special effector in Pacific Digital Image Inc., Hollywood; and as a professor of animation in several colleges and universities where he developed the 3D animation program and curriculum. He has been a committee member of the computer graphics organization SIGGRAPH where he was recognized with an award for his work. He published the book Mastering Maya: The Special Effects Handbook invited by Shanghai People's Fine Arts Publishing House.


In this talk, Professor Xu will present an overview of the Maya Special Effects used for the post-productions. He will showcase some Maya Special Effects used for films, and share his thoughts on the roles of Maya special effects in movies and commercials. In particular, he will go depth into the Explosion Effect and the Splash Effect which he created for his published textbook, where the conceptualization, production process and effective solution to the animation projects will be explored. He will also demonstrate various Maya Special Effects techniques, for examples, how to create the bomb using the Particles Instancer; how to create the explosion and fire effects by applying the Dynamic Relationship Editors and Particle Collision Event Editor, Gravity and the Radial; how to create the ocean surface by applying the Soft Body; how to create the ocean splash effects by applying the Rigid Body, Particle System, Particle Collision Event Editor and Gravity.

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