Deema Al-Shammery

Riyadh Colleges of Dentistry, Saudi Arabia

Title: Orthodontic Endodontic Relationship


Deema Al AlShammery is a Lecturer in Orthodontics at Riyadh colleges of Dentistry and Pharmacy. Had the bachelor degree of dental science in 2010 at King Saud University. Earned the masters of Orthodontics in 2014 from Riyadh colleges of Dentistry and Pharmacy. He is a Clinical Coordinator, orthodontic scientific activity coordinator & vice president of academic advisory committee.


Background: There is a lot of information on the concise relationship between endodontics and orthodontics during treatment planning decisions. It is ranges from effects on the pulp from orthodontic treatment and the potential for resorption during tooth movement, to the clinical management of teeth requiring integrated endodontic and orthodontic treatment. This paper reviews the literature based on the definition of endodontics and the scope of endodontic practice as they relate to common orthodontic-endodontic treatment planning challenges, There is no published study until now about the relationship of Endodontic regeneration and active orthodontic movement and whether active orthodontic movement will inhibit or interfere with the regeneration procedure. The available evidence limited to apexification and active orthodontic treatment. Aim of the study: In this paper a review of the literature regarding orthodontic and endodontic relationship will be presented with a case report for a 12 years old female under active orthodontic treatment with a history of trauma and open apex in tooth #11, she was referred for endodontic regeneration procedure. Conclusion: active orthodontic treatment will not interfere with endodontic regeneration procedure.

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