Deepa G Kamath

Deepa G Kamath

Manipal University

Title: Knowledge and oral health related quality of life in diabetic patients


Dr Deepa G Kamath completed her undergraduation (BDS) from College of Dental Surgery Mangalore, Manipal Academy of Higher Education(MAHE) and Masters in Dental Surgery (MDS)from Yenepoya Dental college Mangalore, Rajiv Gandhi University of Dental sciences(RGUHS). She is currently working as an Additional professor in the Dept of Periodontics,Manipal college of Dental Sciences,Mangalore,Manipaluniversity.She has to her credit 10 national and international publications. She has also authored chapters in reputed text books. She hasdone postgraduate diploma course in laser dentistry from Indian Academy of laser Dentistry


This study was done to assess the knowledge of patients regarding diabetes mellitus and differences in oralhealth and perceived oral-health-related quality of life (OHRQoL) in patients attending a weekly adult diabetic outpatient clinic in Attavar hospital Mangalore. A total of 150 diabetic patients were invited to participate in the present study. Patients who agreed to participate in the study provided written informed consent and completed a self-report questionnaire as they awaited their appointment at the outpatient clinic. The OHRQL instrument used in this survey was the shortened version of the Oral Health Impact Profile. Data was collected over a period of 6 weeks. The response rate for this particular study was 90.6%. The gender distribution study subjects were 67 males (48.6%) 71 females (51.4%) It was seen that majority of the participants 58(91.1%)] were on allopathic medication. About 87(63%) of the respondents were not aware of which type of diabetes they had. Sixty five (48.1%) of the respondents were not aware of systemic complications associated with diabetes. But in contrast to this about 99 (77.9%) of the participants were aware of the oral conditions associated with diabetes. Even though majority of the respondents had awareness about association between oral conditions and diabetes only 11(22.5%) people knew about periodontal conditions associated with diabetes .To summarize about dental visit in last six months, 38(27.5%) of the participants visited dentist in this period. In those subjects 84(63.6%) had undergone dental treatment till now. Majority of the respondents (63.7%) used toothbrush to clean their teeth. 52(37%) of the responders brushed once daily and 46(33.3%) brushed twice daily. Out of 138 respondents 48(35%) knew about interdental cleansing and frequency of usage of same varied from once daily to twice daily maximum.75(54.7%) were using mouthwash as an adjunct for oral care. It can be concluded that diabetic patients have insufficient information of the associations between oral health and overall health. It was also seen that oral health related quality of life did not significantly affect in these patients.In order to promote proper oral health and to reduce the risk of oral diseases, health professionals in both the dental and medical fields need to take the responsibility to develop programs to educate the public about the oral manifestations of diabetes and its complications on oral health.