Deepak Kaul

Deepak Kaul

Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education & Research, India

Title: AATF genome: Importance in oncogenesis


Deepak Kaul obtained his PhD degree from Premier Indian Medical Institute “AIIMS”, New Delhi. His original contributions in the field of “Molecular Medicine” have not only added a new dimension to the understanding of human diseases at the molecular level but also attracted international recognition and acclaim. Presently, he is serving premier “Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education & Research” Chandigarh as Professor and Head, Experimental Medicine & Biotechnology Department. He has mentored about 27 PhD students and currently, is also serving as an Editorial Board Member of reputed international medical journals.


Human AATF genome , that holds AATF gene and its encoded miR-2909 within its fold, assumed huge importance recently not only because AATF gene-product links transcriptional regulation, cell cycle control and DNA damage response but also miR-2909 ensures cellular aerobic-glycolysis by shunting pyruvate out of mitochondria through decoupling of glycolysis from aerobic- respiration. A new dimension was added by the recent finding from our laboratory that revealed the conspicuous existence of 23kDa truncated AATF protein within human cancer cells derived from different tissue origin. This truncated AATF protein had the ability to recruit its unique interactome consisting of the partners such as SP1 DNMT3B and Par4 to ensure repression of vital genes involved in tumor suppression as well as survival thereby defining the destiny of these cells to become and remain cancerous. Further, sustained cellular miR-2909 surge ensures sustained aerobic-glycolysis within cancer cells leading them to secrete lactate that not only insulates these cells from the cytotoxic NK cells and CD8+ T-cells but also starves these cytotoxic cells to death through deprivation of glucose. Hence aberration in AATF genome, within cancer cells, can create a situation that favors immune privilege with cellular unbridled growth and Immortality.

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