Deepti B. Prajapati

New York University Langone Medical Center, USA

Title: Considerations for creating a protocol for Vedolizumab infusions


Deepti B. Prajapati has completed her BSN at Western Connecticut State University, and her MSN at Southern Connecticut State University.  She is board certified as a Family Nurse Practitioner, and is currently practicing at NYU Langone Medical Center’s Infusion Center at the Center for Musculoskeletal Care (CMC). 


Vedolizumab (Entyvio) is one of several treatment options for the management of Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn's Disease. It is a recombinant humanized anti-alpha-4-beta-7 integrin monoclonal antibody. Integrins are proteins involved in regulating cellular movement, including the migration of leukocytes to the gut.  It is specific to the intestinal tract because it binds to the alpha-4-beta-7 integrin, thereby blocking the interaction of the alpha-4-beta-7 integrin with mucosal addressin cell adhesion molecule-1.  This results in the inhibition of memory T-lymphocytes migrating across the endothelium into inflamed gastrointestinal tissue.  This biologic immunotherapy is utilized in patients who have failed or achieved inadequate response to the different therapies currently available for these disease processes. Certain considerations include monitoring/screening for tuberculosis (TB), progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy (PML), and liver injury. These are rare adverse effects and occurrences. A protocol for the safe administration of Vedolizumab at NYU's CMC Infusion Center is based on current prescribing guidelines.