Devi Prasad Juvvadi

Devi Prasad Juvvadi

Centre for Good Governance, India

Title: Value chain analysis of fresh vegetables in Medak district of Andhra Pradesh


Devi Prasad Juvvadi is serving as Director of Agriculture Management at Director Centre for Good Governance, India.


India is witnessing rapid changes in retailing of vegetables with increase in disposable income, changing lifestyle, preferences and eating habits of its population, increase in number of nuclear families and increased competition with entry of many players in retail marketing of vegetables.
The fresh fruit and vegetables value chain in the state of Andhra Pradesh is dominated by small-scale farmers cultivating an average of 1.3hectares. A study was carried for value chain analysis in two villages near Hyderabad city, the capital of the state where there is generally a lack of organization among farmers and a lack of organized fresh produce supply chains, with deficiencies in grades and standards and cold storage infrastructure.
Value Chain analysis is an important task because it focuses on end to end movement of vegetables from farmer to trader, middleman, wholesaler, retailer and vendor and finally reaching consumer. The current study takes a value chain approach to provide solutions that can aid in the economic development of small scale vegetable farmers by addressing the major constraints faced by farmers or producers, processors, traders and other businesses at multiple levels and points along a given value chain.
The results of the study indicated all the selected crops during the study period were profitable and economically viable as per benefit cost ratio. Among the crops tomato seems to be fetching more income to the farmers compared to beans and bhendi though the average market price was almost double than tomato. For every one rupee invested on tomato, beans and bhendi the farmers are realizing an additional income of Rs. 1.22, Rs. 0.77 and Rs. 1.05 respectively.