Dr. Diana Kljenak is an Assistant Professor and a Cognitive-Behavior Therapy Lead for the University of Toronto, Department of Psychiatry. She is a staff psychiatrist in the Community Mental Health Program at the University Health Network in Toronto and a consulting psychiatrist for the Central Toronto and Regent Park Community Health Centers. Her primary teaching and clinical interests include both collaborative care and psychotherapy. She is a Psychotherapy Coordinator at the UHN Centre for Mental Health as well as the CBT Psychotherapy Core Curriculum Block Coordinator and CBT seminar co-lead. She is a collaborative care supervisor and CBT supervisor at the UHN Centre for Mental Health.


Cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) is an evidence-based therapy used to effectively treat a number of mental health disorders. Traditionally, CBT has been thought of as a treatment modality that is technique-based and not as concerned with the therapeutic relationship as other forms of psychotherapy. In this workshop, a basic CBT model will be reviewed. Participants will learn how transference and countertransference can be understood through a CBT lens. Case examples will be used to illustrate how cognitive and behavioural techniques could be effectively used to recognize and manage countertransference. Participants will be able to practice these techniques in pairs. They will be able to reflect on the use of these techniques in their own practice regardless of their preferred psychotherapeutic modality.