Dipak Mall

National Academy of Medical Science, Nepal

Title: Role Of A Doctor In Management And Educating Patients With Diabetes Mellitus In Nepal


I Dr. Dipak Mall have completed my MBBS Degree from Peoples friendship university of Russia in year 2004 and MD from Yangze University of China in year 2015.After my graduation I have been working in the department of endocrinology in one of the tertiary center in Kathmandu, Nepal. We as a team have been working to promote and encourage our patients to have early detection of diabetes mellitus and to prevent the complications.


After 10 years of Maoist insurgency in Nepal and political instability lots of people have moved from their home in village to big cities like Kathmandu. With this urbanization and change in life style Diabetes mellitus is one of the high burden disease in Nepal. With changing political situations and unstable government, ministry of health and population in Nepal is not being able to address and priorities diabetes on public health case agenda in Nepal through the promotion of preventive measures such as dietary pattern, exercise and periodic checkup. Several studies conducted in Nepal shows that the increasing trend of prevalence of diabetes mellitus with increasing age in Nepal is may be due to lack of public awareness regarding the problem and poor medical service in Nepal. As a Doctor in Nepal, we have loads of challenges to detect and prevent the complications of Diabetes mellitus who visit us for initial management. For most of the patients living in villages of Nepal to visit a diabetic specialty center in Nepal he or she has to travel for at least 24 hours on various modes of transport. In our center, which is the only tertiary and endocrine specialty hospital, every day we have few patients with severe complications like diabetic retinopathy, nephropathy and diabetic foot as an initial presentation. We doctors have a great responsibility to take care of our patients suffering from Diabetes mellitus and we must educate them to make our society healthy. At the same time we must encourage the government of Nepal to give more diabetic awareness program in Nepal.

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