Dmitry Gaborak

Dmitry Gaborak

Insomniac Games, USA

Title: The most important steps and secrets in character creation


Dmitry Gaborak is Senior Digital Artist in Insomniac Games at Los Angeles, USA. Presently works on upcoming Spider-man video game exclusively for Play Station 4. He has been working for video-game and film industries for over 12 years: in-house with Industrial Light & Magic (Disney), Gameloft and as freelancer with Microsoft, Sony Computer Entertainment, Warner Bros. and HBO, to name a few. He had a honor to contribute to well-known titles such as  "Evolve"-Game of the Year 2014, "Halo 5"-the fastest selling Microsoft game in the history, "Batman Arkham Knight", Warcraft film and many-many others.


    Portfolio and projects I've worked on.
-Demonstration a real production/personal assets and elucidation.
-Practical theory of 3D character development.
-Creation characters and creatures for Games and Film and difference.
-Nowadays and the future industry/job trends.
    The birth of a Concept Idea.
    Blocking rough and searching forms.
    Middle details and main parts of the design.
    Polishing and micro details.
    Post-editing enchantment.

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