Dr Charles Onoh

Dr Charles Onoh

Federal University of Technology, Nigeria



Charles Chukwuemeka Onoh has his expertise in Environmental toxicology, Therapeutics, Occupational health and safety. He is well experienced in research methodologies and has supervised both undergraduates and postgraduate students. He is a resource person for so many institutions including the Centre for Occupational Health, Safety and Environment, Port Harcourt and Department of Gender and Global Health, Institute of Women, Gender and Development Studies, Owerri, Nigeria.  Presently, he is working on the use of smart phones in the measurement of blood pressure and detection of some emergency cardiac abnormalities.


Cardiometabolic risk is a common occurrence among workers and its interaction on health is devastating especially in the developing world where there is a double burden of disease. Cardiometabolic risk is a constellation of factors which includes type-2 diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidaemia, insulin resistance and obesity. It is a time-bomb waiting to explode and Nigeria is witnessing an increasing trend. This study was designed to develop a Computer Software for the assessment of cardiometabolic risk. The study involved work–site based cross-sectional, analytical, questionnaire administration, laboratory estimation, anthropometric and clinical measurements. Blood glucose estimation was determined by the Glucose oxidase/Peroxidase method of Trinder. The lipid indices were  determined using a Standard method of Freidewald. Data were analyzed using Microsoft Excel 2016, XLSTAT 2015, Minitab version 17 and Microsoft Corporation Visual Basic. R- Programming and Microsoft Virtual Basic were used for the development of the Computer Software for cardiometabolic risk assessment. The Computer Software was displayed as a Plate. In Nigeria, there is paucity of funds and application of digital health. This Software serves as a comprehensive medical surveillance for cardiometabolic risks.