Dr Mohammed Beshir Yesuf

Dr Mohammed Beshir Yesuf

Jimma University Medical Center, Ethiopia

Title: Typhoid Glomerulonephritis in a child: A rare complication of typhoid fever


Dr. Mohammed Beshir Yesuf is a pediatrician with interest in pediatric nephrology & Assistant Professor in Jimma University Medical Center. I graduated from jimma University medical school, Ethiopia



One of the unusual manifestations of typhoid fever is Typhoid glomerulonephritis and accounts for about 1% of its extra intestinal complications of typhoid fever. Although 25% of patients excrete Salmonella typhi in the urine during the acute illness, renal complication may result from diverse pathophysiological mechanisms. The severity of acute glomerulonephritis due to typhoid fever is variable; generally, it resolves completely with treatment of typhoid fever but occasionally it may be fatal.

Here we report a 10 year old male child with typhoid glomerulonephritis who presented with fever, abdominal pain, edema and hypertension. Urine examination showed microscopic hematuria and proteinuria. Salmonella typhi was isolated from a blood culture. Renal biopsy was not performed. The child recovered completely with treatment.