Edgar Ricardo Monroy Vargas

Edgar Ricardo Monroy Vargas

Pilot University of Colombia, Colombia

Title: Systemic model for assessing the vulnerability of an aquifer associated with the effects of climate change


Edgar Ricardo Monroy Vargas has 20 years of professional experience. He has worked in the public and private sector and held positions at the management level such as: Secretary General of the Assembly of Deputies of Boyaca, Manager and he has worked in oil sector with the Multinational TECHINT and Consultant in the area of hydro-environmental for Regional Autonomous Corporations.


Environmental management and land use planning are difficult issues for all government authorities. The author in his doctoral work called Systemic Model for Environmental Impact Assessment at River Basin Level, proposed a methodology to quantitatively assess the environmental impact at the level of a river basin. In the same work an indicator called EVI was proposed, which includes the result of the environmental impact value with other macroeconomic variables, with the support of the Fuzzy Logic. It is important to note that the estimated environmental impact at the Basin level is quantitative and the EVI is an important and innovative contribution to environmental assessment and management. This methodology can be extrapolated for the assessment of the vulnerability of aquifers such as Puerto Boyaca, Colombia, allowing a better decision making on its use and environmental management.