Edmo Atique Gabriel

Edmo Atique Gabriel


Title: Challenges in pediatric and congenital cardiac disease


Edmo Atique Gabriel has completed his medical school from Catholic University of Campinas and Postdoctoral studies from Federal University of Sao Paulo. He is clinical professor of medicine at Unilago School of Medicine and cardiovascular research expert. He has published papers in reputed journals and has edited two pioneering cardiovascular books by Springer.


Many challenges must be overcome to maintain a medical and surgical planning and management of congenital and pediatric heart disease. There is a paucity of clinical trials and established goals that take to a most precise therapeutic approach. Databases in pediatric and congenital cardiac disease need to be improved aiming to spreading worldwide different therapeutic methodologies in terms of particular operation, new devices or special medications. In addition to databases, pediatric and congenital cardiac disease require lifelong surveillance, follow-up imaging, consistent infrastructure and trained multidisciplinary team. Currently, medical treatment for pediatric and congenital pulmonary arterial hypertension, particularly regarding potential toxicities and optimal dosing, as well as surgical features in the setting of Ebstein's malformation, Fontan circulation and valve dysfunction warrant meticulous attention and additional investigations.