Edmo Gabriel

Edmo Gabriel

Unilago School of Medicine, Brazil

Title: Aortic coarctation in adults: The role of extra-anatomic bypass


Edmo Atique Gabriel has completed his medical school from Catholic University of Campinas and Postdoctoral studies from Federal University of Sao Paulo. He is clinical professor of medicine and cardiovascular research expert. He has published papers in reputed journals and has edited two pioneering cardiovascular books by Springer.


Aortic coarctation is very often deemed as a congenital anomaly which should be addressed surgically in infancy. Nevertheless, some adults are diagnosed with this anomaly when clinical signs of arterial hypertension come up. In current era, value of angiotomography for aortic coarctation in adults has increased and allowed cardiovascular surgeon to design operative plan. In the setting of minimally invasive procedures for aortic diseases, endovascular approach has become standard choice aiming to reduce complications and mortality rate. It comes about that anatomic features of aortic coarctation are of paramount importance to determine feasibility and success rate of endovascular approach. Purpose of this abstract is to address surgical strategies to manage aortic coarctation in adults in case of inadequate anatomic profile. Proposition is to present some real cases and their operative plan with emphasis for extra-anatomic bypass and its principles and pitfalls.

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