Eduard Rogatsky

Eduard Rogatsky

Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University, USA

Title: 10 years of evolution in UHPLC-MS chromatography. Current trends.


Eduard Rogatsky completed his M.Sc in physical chemistry from Belarus State University, PhD in bioanalytical chemistry from Bar-Ilan University (Israel) in 1999, and postdoctoral studies at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, NY. He joined the faculty there in 2001, and is currently a Senior Associate Scientist and Director of Mass Spectrometry in the Biomarker Analytical Resource Core Laboratory, Einstein-Montefiore Institute for Clinical and Translational Research, Bronx, NY, USA


Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatography (UHPLC) was introduced in 2004 by Waters. This novel type of liquid chromatography system was designed to utilize resolution power of sub 2 µm particle size columns for fast high resolution separations. Different vendors also have developed novel chromatographic systems. Currently, UHPLC has become a typical chromatographic system, and within the last 10 years both UHPLC practitioners and instrument developers acquire new experience in that field. The author will share his thoughts and findings of utilization UHPLC technology with mass spectrometry detection in clinical settings.

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