Eduardo Messen Paez

Eduardo Messen Paez

University of Frontera

Title: New tips in orthodontic and surgical treatment


Eduardo Messen graduated with honors both from the University of Valparaíso Dental School as the University of Chile in Orthodontist. He has the specialty in TMJ Disorders. He is Assistant Professor in Orthodontist in University of Frontera Temuco Chile. He has been a national and international speaker for several times in orthodontist, surgery and TMJ topics in countries such as USA, Spain Brasil, Canada, Argentina, and Central American countries. Recently he has received the Latin American “Prize to the Medical by Achievement for a better life” by IOCIM Organization. He is also a member of The American Association of Orthodontist and the Word Federation of Orthodontist. His privated pratice is in Temuco Chilean Patagonia.


For a long period of time the orthodontic treatment has covereded a big percent of People`s treatments . Nowadays, in order to get new goals to reach gold standard we need to obtain not only right teeth but also a facial harmony, functional occlusion, increase airway space, peridonthal health, TMJ health. Therefore, to obtain all these goals we need to work together with surgeans in Orthodontic and sugery treatment.. Time ago we used to treat all our patients trough diferent orthodontic techniques to obtain in severe skeletal anomalies some good results. The wrong idea was to compensate the skelatal cases . The ortodontic treatment did not get the goals.. Now when we work with patients with severe and moderate skeletal problems we choose the Orthodontic and surgical treatment, improving the results and decreasing treatment time.