Eleni-Anna Karali

Eleni-Anna Karali

DEKAZ SA, Greece

Title: Importance of nutrition and low Homocysteine Levels


Eleni-Anna Karali is a research associate in private dermatological Polyclinic SKIN–BODY. She has also worked as Medical Officer of skin laser at private polyclinics, oversight and application of Laser treatments. In 2012, she has successfully acquiesced a certificate specialty in Dermatology-Venereology. She is a graduate of National School of Public Health and qualified hygienist.


Homocysteine level in the blood plasma is a risk factor and predictor of Alzheimer’s Disease and Heart Disease. Homocysteine is a specific type of amino acid that’s created in the body during metabolic processes, as opposed to consumed in food. It’s produced in the body as a byproduel of methylation, the process of producing an essential protein called methionine. In healthy people, homocysteine is transformed into a benign product that keeps levels maintained, but when homocysteine isn’t properly metabolized it builds up inside the body and acts similarly to a toxin. This causes inflammation to rise and creates more byproducts that cause changes in cardio vascular neurological and endocrine systems. There are natural and pharmacological treatments for those who suffer of high homocysteine levels. Homocysteine high levels are necessary to be controlled for a better life.