Elias Tannous

Elias Tannous

Cleveland Clinic, UAE

Title: Infection control: The science of a profession


Elias Tannous is an infection control professional with more than 20 years experience in the healthcare setting. He holds degree in Nursing from the French Ministry of Health and from Saint Joseph University in Lebanon, degrees in Business Administrations and Human Resource/Personnel Management from UK and Certified Board in Infection Control, USA since 2008. He has coordinated, co-directed and facilitated loads of IC educational activities and has been heavily involved in major infection control activities, projects and programs for the past 10 years, including commissioning of new facilities, developing surveillance programs and evaluating IC programs.


Trees are composed of roots, a trunk and branches. Similarly, in the infection control practice, the roots of the infection control professionals represent the background of these professionals, their values and the studies related to their profession. The crown of a tree is made up of the leaves and branches at the top of that tree. Likewise in the infection control profession this represent the daily activities of an infection control professional i.e., identification of infectious disease process, conducting epidemiological studies, controlling transmission of infectious agents, etc. The trunk of the tree provides its shape and support and holds up the crown. The trunk transports water and nutrients from the soil and sugar from the leaves. In infection control, the trunk represent the link between the theory and in practice, it represents an important element to minimize the theory, practice gap in infection control and has an integral part in holding the workload of an infection control practitioner. Photosynthesis in infection control practice represents the interaction of these professionals with other healthcare workers, coaching them and adding shared values with them to prevent infections. To conclude, a successful infection control professional consists of a mixture between theoretical and practical skills coupled with a trunk that is solid and conducive. This paper summarizes the essential combination of savoir, savoir etre and savoir faire to successfully assume the role of an infection control professional.

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