Emerson Silva Lima

Emerson Silva Lima

Federal University of Amazonas, Brazil

Title: Anti-inflammatory activity of triterpenes isolated from Protium paniculatum oil-resins


His area of interests: Pharmacology and Toxicology • Biochemistry of Lipids • Oxidative Stress • Metabolism of Chronic Infectious Diseases • Biotechnology


Protium is the main genus of the Burseraceae family and one of the most common genera in South America, with an important species named “breu”. Gum and oil-resins of this species are used by local population as a tonic and stimulant, as well as for the treatment of ulcers and inflammation. The present study aims to isolate and investigate the anti-inflammatory activity of triterpenes compounds isolated from oil-resin of Protium paniculatum. The pentacyclic triterpenes αβ-amyrin, αβ-amyrin acetylated, αβ-amyrone and brein/maniladiol did not alter the viability of murine J774 macrophages (IC50 > 20 µg/mL), with the exception of mixture brein/maniladiol which showed moderate cytotoxic activity. Also it was observed that compounds at 10 µg/mL inhibited more than 80% production of NO•, although only αβ-amyrin was able to inhibit the production of TNF-α (52.03 ± 2.4%). The compounds inhibited the production of IL-6 and induced the production of IL-10 in murine J774 macrophages stimulated by LPS. αβ-amyrone inhibited the expression of COX-2 and also inhibited the formation of paw or ear edema in rats and mice, having a quick and immediate effect. This study may provide the basis for future investigations on the therapeutic role of αβ-amyrone in treating inflammation.