Etta Liang

Etta Liang

Precision Dentures,

Title: Contemporary biometrics in dental practice


Etta Liang began her training as a dental technician in 1980 and opened a commercial dental laboratory in Berwick specializing in ceramics in 1987. She then completed her degree in Dental Prosthetics in 1993 and has been in private practice ever since. She opened another clinic in Southbank in 2008 for which she won ‘Best Clinic Award’ from the ADPA Aus. She has gone on to complete many training courses in Precision Equilibrated Dentures, Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction and Biometrics. She has trained in Liechtenstein, Milwaukee, Santiago, Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. She has lectured at RMIT University, to trainee dental prosthetists, and her peers in NSW, QLD, VIC, WA, and New Zealand. Her lectures in the past have focused on Biometrics, Clinical Presentation, Clinical Photography, and Intra Oral (Gothic Arch/Arros Head) Tracing.


Today there are a variety of dental diagnostic tools available to dental practitioners all around the world. The focus of this presentation will be on contemporary biometrics and the implications of measurement for treatment. The main biometric tools that will be explored are TekScan, JVA, EMG, and EGN. Each of these diagnostic instruments will be introduced and their relationship to treatment of patients, referrals to specialists and allied health professionals explained. Most of the information is based on my own clinical experience in dental practice which will be presented through a series of and before, and after photos of patients in my clinic over the years.