Eun Jung Im received her Bachelor of Arts in Classics major and Natural Sciences minor from University of Southern California. Eun Jung has been interacting with Korean-American families with members who have developmental disabilities while volunteering in Able Arts Inc. and as a special ministry teacher at Good Community Church of Torrance. Her recent research investigates the level of awareness of government services and benefits available to individuals with developmental disabilities and how it affects their family members


Korean-American families often face the issue of being unable to obtain the proper aid and the necessary support available for disabled family members due to various reasons, including language barrier and lack of knowledge of the family member’s disability. Without much information on the disabilities and the existing government-offered health services, Korean-American families, especially new immigrants, experience challenges in living with family members with disabilities. An anonymous survey was designed and distributed to families of Korean-American communities in California, New York, and Virginia in order to evaluate the extent of each family’s knowledge of available federal-, state-, and county-level assistances and their usage of these services for their disabled members. The survey seeks to put a particular focus on the possible relationship between individual family’s level of understanding of the government-provided assistance and their quality of life.