Evangeline Barefoot

Evangeline Barefoot

St. Davids Round Rock Medical Center, USA

Title: Management of the sexually assaulted patient: Utilization of the forensic survey


Evangeline Barefoot is a Forensic Nurse Examiner/ Consultant at St. Davids Round Rock Medical Center. 23 years as a registered nurse with primary practice as trauma nurse and sexual assault nurse examiner/ forensic nurse. Recently completed a seven year contract with State of Texas as an instructor for sexual assault nurse examiners and is currently a content expert/ consultant for the U. S. Air Force in the area of sexual assault.


Sexual assault survivors often seek medical care and support at hospitals, doctors offices, and urgent care centers that are ill-equipped to care for the unique needs of this patient population. As more and more victims come forward seeking care, medical providers need to be prepared to meet their needs. The sexually assaulted patient is a trauma patient and should be treated likewise utilizing the well-accepted primary and secondary surveys as recommended by the Emergency Nurses Association. Following the primary and secondary surveys, the forensic survey should be considered so that careful forensic considerations can be made to insure that possible evidence and referrals to community resources can be utilized.