Fabio Festa

Fabio Festa

University of Naples Federico II, Italy

Title: Leadership, management and administration of health care systems with Project Management


Fabio Festa has always shown interest in the management of healthcare systems, obtaining a Master of Health Administration and, especially focusing on the management of hospitals, other health care organizations and consulting company. Afterwards, he has concentrated its efforts on project management in the healthcare sector, obtaining the PMP certification, issued by the Project Management Instutute. He currently works as a project manager at the Department of Clinical Medicine and Surgery - University of Naples Federico II (Italy).


In today's global health system, it is necessary for all professionals with managerial functions, the acquisition of methodological skills in the design, functional to a gradual shift from a job "for the tasks" for a job "for projects and aims". It must aim at offering an adequate methodology in the context of project management qualifications through professional activities, because it is applicable to all sectors of the Health Science. A good experience in the planning, implementation and review of the project is behind the creation of a network of expertise and skills, targeted to take advantage of the resources provided by national and international institutions, public and private. Project management fits organically in this modern corporate vision. A project is fundamentally characterized by the final result to be achieved, that is unique, and that dedicated resources are temporary and which are available for the duration of the project. The projects are born to solve problems or enhance opportunities (Hynes, 1994).