Faisal Al Rumaihi

Prince Sultan Military Medical City, Saudi Arab

Title: Case Report of Impacted Bilateral Mandibular Fourth Molar


Al Rumaihi Faisal has completed his BDS in 1988 in King Saud University in Riyadh KSA and Residency program at RKH Hospital 1989 advance certificate in restorative and cosmetic dentistry in 1995 at Boston University, USA and Ph.D degree at Boston University Goldman School of Graduate Dentistry USA. He is consultant restorative in dentistry in Prince Sultan Military Medical City in Riyadh. He is director of Restorative section in dental clinic and have a years of teaching and clinical supervision experience.


Supernumerary teeth is a rare dental anomaly in maxilla and mandible can be classified by shape and by position in the jaw. It might cause complication such caries, perio dental disease, and delay or impaction of permanent teeth.

Supernumerary tooth or hyper dontia is not as common as hypodontia. The prevalence in primary dentition .2 to .8 % and in the permanent dentition .5 to 5.3% with geographic variation.

The fourth molar is a kind of super numerary tooth they have been classified as a type of paramolar or disto molars tooth.


This case report of a 20 years old female pt. (Medically fit) come to the dental clinic complaining from pain in the lower right quadrant upon clinical examination and routine radiographic examination revealed impacted third molar and un erupted bilateral mandibular fourth molar orthopantogram (OPG) xray should this rare case of un erupted bilateral disto molar in mandible without any associated syndrome.

This case report discuss the diagnosis and treatment of this rare case of impacted bilateral mandibular disto molar and in what condition shall we keep the fourth molar or extracted.