Fan-Gang Tseng

Fan-Gang Tseng

National Tsing-Hua University

Title: Nano/Micro fluidic systems for circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs) rapid detection and diagnosis


Tseng received his Ph.D. degree in mechanical engineering from UCLA, USA, in 1998. He is currently a professor of ESS Dept. as well as NEMS I., and the Deputy Director of the Biomedical Technology Research Center at NTHU. He was elected an ASME fellow in 2014. His research interests are in the fields of BioNEMS, Biosensors, Micro-Fluidics, Tissue Chips, and Fuel Cells. He received 60 patents, wrote 8 book chapters, published more than SCI 150 Journal papers and 360 conference technical papers. He received several awards, including National Innovation Award, Outstanding in research award, and Mr. Wu, Da-Yo Memorial Award from MOST, Taiwan, and eight best paper/poster awards.


Despite the recent advancement of biotechnology and pharmaceutical research, cancers remain the leading cause of human mortality. It is vital to diagnose cancers at an early stage when treatment can dramatically improve prognosis. So far, low-cost and easy to operate devices, which allow efficient isolation and sensitive detection of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) for routine blood screening, remain lacking. This talk will introduce a novel micro fluidic platform which can isolate CTCs from the real blood sample in 30 minutes: this system includes a high throughput blood cell separation chip which can separate white blood cells with CTCs from red blood cells and platelets by inertial and suction actions; a nano structured surface which can allow higher retention rate of CTCs on the surface for sample enrichment by 100 folds from 1/107 upto 1/105 CTCs/WBCs.;and the enriched sample will go through a final cells self-assembly process into a densed monolayer on a cell assembly chip for in parallel inspection at high speed. As a result, the CTCs can be identified in 30 minutes by the integration of these three chips altogether. Isolated CTCs will still be in vital and can be further characterized and cultivated for the identification of cancer stem cells for prognosis.

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