Farag Ali Saleh has completed his PhD at the age of 32 years from Cairo University. He is the Prof of Food Science and Nutrition. He has published more than 26 papers in reputed journals and serving as an editorial board member of repute. He is member in many professional societies. He has attended more than 17 national and international conferences and scientific symposia.


The effect of replacing sugars with date syrup (Dips) at 25, 50, 75 and 100% on the physical properties of probiotic ice cream, as well as the survival of Lactobacillus acidophilus La-5 and Bifidobacterium lactis Bb-12 during 12 weeks of storage were studied. The obtained results were compared with control treatment which does not contain Dips. Overrun of ice cream was decreased with the increase of Dips percentage in both ice creams containing L. acidophilus or B. lactis. By increasing the percentage of sugar replacement by Dips, increase in specific gravity as well as weight per gallon in both ice creams containing L. acidophilus or B. lactis were found. An increase in melting rate with the increase degree of sugar replaced was found. The viable count of L. acidophilus or B. lactis decreased in all treatments during the freezing process and storage time. However, Dips prevents both the probiotic bacteria from death during the freezing process so that the death rate was low compared to the control sample which did not contain Dips. The statistical analysis of sensory evaluation revealed an increase in the percentage of replacement values with less flavors. The results obtained indicates that date syrup (Dips) can be used as a substitute for sweeten of ice cream, which showed the acceptance of consumers of the product's preparation while retaining the appropriate viable count of probiotic bacteria directly after processing or after few a week of storage according to the ratio of replacement.