Fatema A Alsubhi

Fatema A Alsubhi

Alsubhi and Lavender Clinic, Saudi Arabia

Title: Arms Laser Assisted Liposculpture (LAL)


Fatema A Alsubhi has completed MBBS in the year 1997 from the University of King Saud and Saudi Board of Plastic Surgery. She is a fellow of University of Toronto from 2007-2009. She is a Plastic Surgeon at Prince Sultan Medical Military Hospital. She is Reviewer at the Annals of Saudi medicine.


In arm contouring brachioplasty is the known classical procedure, which is recently recommended only for patients with more skin laxity and less subcutaneous fat. The classic longitudinal visible scar is the most challenging cosmetic concern for surgeons and patients. Traditional liposuction would be indicated in less challenging cases with minimal skin laxity and fatter dystrophy. Nowadays Liposuction is one of the commonest cosmetic procedures. Always there is a limitation in skin retraction with SAL. However, the new evolutions in liposuction have more heat production, this extra heat can add to the benefit of the contouring. Here is a review of 33 patients’ arms with different grades of contour deformity. They were treated with Single laser wavelength ND/YG1444. The selection of patient and the proper indication of the laser assisted liposuction. The clinical detailed advantages and the disadvantages with possible complications and revisions were reviewed. The technical details of the procedure and the postoperative care were discussed as well. Laser enables the purpose skin shrinkage to be achieved and Step forward in body shaping.