Fatemeh Estebsari

Fatemeh Estebsari

Shahid  Beheshti Universit, Iran

Title: Iranian’s views about Good Death Criteria: A Qualitative Study


F.Estebsari  has completed his PhD  in health education and health promotion to Iran University of Medical Sciences.
Now, she is  faculty  member  of Nursing and Midwifery school   in Department of Community Health Nursing  of Shahid Beheshti  University of Medical science.   Interests  research  into lifestyle and cancer is. . She has published more than 29 papers in International  journals .
The following are some of the newest articles are published.


Introduction & Aim: Death is a natural and frightening phenomenon which is inevitable. Previous studies on death which presented a negative and tedious image of this process are now being revised and directed towards acceptable death and good death. One of the proposed terms about death and dying is “good death” which encourages dealing with death positively and leading a lively and happy life until the last moment. Objectives: The present study aimed to explain the Iranians views about criteria of good death.

Methods: This qualitative study was performed by the thematic- framework analysis. In this study 8 patients, 3 their families, 3 physicians, 3 nurses, 3 psychologists and 3 clergymen were selected. A total of 25 people were interviewed. The sampling method was homogeneous in the process of qualitative research and the sample size was based on the data saturation. Data were collected by semi – Structured   interview. All interviews were transcribed in fewer than 24 hours. The thematic framework method was used to analyze qualitative data.  MAXQDA software was used for data management.

Results: 10 main themes include death at the right time, death without cost, death without bothering to others, death without dependency with control, death in peace, death without difficulty, not dying a loan dying at home and death near the family, inspired death, programmed death were recognized as participant’s views about good death criteria in this study.

Conclusion: paying attention to conditions and factors that make good death from health policy makers and provide quality service for cancer patients in the end stage of life may be helpful for patients to experience good death.

Keywords:  breast cancer patients; End Stage Life; Good Death, Qualitative Study.