Fathia Nabilla is one of the medical students in Medical Faculty of Universitas Indonesia. Currently she is in the process of internship at dr. Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital as a co assistant to complete the study. This research was done to complete the first degree of her education in Universitas Indonesia.


Indonesia is the fourth country with highest tuberculosis cases among other countries all over the world. This problem become more serious because of strong relationship between tuberculosis and diabetes mellitus. The focus of this study is to look for the factor which can make the relationship happen. The main factor focused in this research was nutritional status using body mass index calculation. This qualitative research used analytical descriptive cross-sectional design. Among 236 tuberculosis patients, it was found that male was dominant, age of 21-44 was leading, and normal nutritional status was dominant. Result of this research showed that 65 (27,5%) of 236 tuberculosis patients were also diagnosed as a diabetes mellitus patients. After the data was analyzed using SPSS 20th version, the result showed a significant proportion difference in the prevalence of diabetes mellitus among tuberculosis patients with normal nutritional status and lower nutritional status as compared to other categories of nutritional status. This result might be caused of course of the disease. The researcher suggests the next research about this problem to be explored deeper and also the screening of patients either the patient’s diagnosed as a tuberculosis or diabetes mellitus patient should be done because of strong relationship between these diseases.