Fatima S Jouhar is currently working as Surgical Resident at Tawam Cancer Center, United Arab Emirates.


This case is representing occult follicular variant of papillary thyroid carcinoma (FVPTC) with large metastasis to the sacrum. Patient presented as pelvic pain post hemi-thyroidectomy, which was found to be metastatic to the sacrum. The patient is a 42 years old female post hemi-thyroidectomy for benign follicular adenoma presented with lower back pain associated with fever and sweating. A lytic lesion of the left sacral bone was found on the CT with biopsy showing metastatic carcinoma with morphology and immune phenotype of thyroid gland primary tumor proven to be FVPTC. The patient gave history of loss of vibration sensation on the ipsi-lateral lower limb. The patient had completion thyroidectomy with benign pathology. We also demonstrated full review of literatures.